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"...to reduce crime and clean up neighborhoods...encourage local residents to become more involved."
"The capacity of neighbors to work together to strengthen their community
is key to building a livable, low-crime community."
"A healthy, livable community needs a vibrant, healthy economy."
-Several university urban crime studies-

The Broken Window Theory
The Celebrate! Spanaway Committee, Inc. is an IRS Title 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, charitable organization incorporated in 1999. Representatives from citizen, business, church, charitable, school, government, and community service organizations serve on the board of directors and committee-at-large. In-kind gifts and financial support from local businesses, civic groups, and individuals support Celebrate!Spanaway service projects.
Celebrate!Spanaway is an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff,
so 100% of contributions support community improvement programs.
Contact Information     Service Projects
Do you live or do business in Spanaway?
Join our Team!
For information, suggest a community improvement project, make a donation to support Celebrate!Spanaway, or to be placed on our meeting notice list,
please contact us at celebratespanaway@earthlink.net
Privacy Policy: Our contact list is held confidential and used only
to notify interested persons about upcoming meetings and events.
All meetings are open to the public.   Meetings dates and times to be announced.

A History of Service
In 1999 Celebrate! Spanaway volunteers cleaned streets, cleared vacant lots, and repaired and painted deteriorating buildings in Spanaway's historic district.
Murals stopped teen-age tagging.
The clean-up effect rippled outward for blocks as homeowners and landlords
were encouraged to "take a look at your property the way others see it."

Celebrate!Spanaway cleanup volunteers held a Safe Streets "neighborhood night out" to rebuild a sense of community and civic pride and combat a growing crime problem. This successful event grew into an old-fashioned fair and vintage vehicle show with artisans coming from as far as Florida and visitors from all over the U.S.
Crime and vandalism dropped precipitously, proving the "broken window" theory
upon which Celebrate!Spanaway was founded.
The Fair:
  • Established a community "heart" in Spanaway's historic district
  • created a sense of history, community, and belonging for newcomers
  • brought diverse people together in a friendly, meet-your-neighbors atmosphere
  • showcased multi-cultural elements to foster understanding and acceptance
  • provided no-cost wholesome family entertainment for low-income families
  • provided a venue for health and welfare agencies to contact citizens in need otherwise difficult to reach
  • served as a fund-raising venue for civic and governmental organizations
  • laid the foundation for community restoration and economic improvement grants.
In 2013, with regret, the Board of Directors and Trustees suspended the annual fair and car show. But the legacy of Celebrate!Spanaway's founders and volunteers to build a safe, vibrant community lives on.

Celebrate!Spanaway continues to
  • develop, support, and participate in community improvement projects with other community non-profit agencies
  • foster interest in maintaining an attractive community through its Most Improved Property (residential) and Community Pride (commercial) awards
  • sponsor clean up, fix up, paint up, litter up projects to discourage crime and vandalism
  • promote a positive community image with our website's EnRoute to Rainier and Visitors' Guide pages
  • encourage economic growth through tourism via links to our site in regional and state tour guides

Contact Information

Celebrate! Spanaway Committee, Inc.
802 174th St So
Spanaway, WA 98387


General Information: Jean Sensel, Trustee, 253-531-8520

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